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Tadaaaaa… Welcome to my brand new blog!

Fiuh~ It is really not so easy to start up a new blog… Themes, font styles, images, etc etc really give me headache! I think I still need some time to explore more about blog before coming up with the my own-personalised blog that is really belong to me.. So, please bear with me ok? 🙂

You may ask (or mostly you won’t ask) why I suddenly started to blog. Well, I don’t know. I just feel like blogging, so.. here I am. 😀 In case you actually don’t want to know the answer, what I want to say is: too bad, this is my blog *evil laugh*

Btw, I am actually having my study weeks before exam. So, I supposed to be studying now.. But well… if you are student, I believe that you should understand, right?

Two of the books that I need to study:

Anyway, please feel free to browse around if you would like to. I will try to update this blog regularly and prevent it to be pronounced dead =P



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