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Acne (Pola Day+Day Acne)

Does anyone of you like pimples or acne? Haha.. What a stupid question! I am quite sure that normal people will hate pimples and acne. (If you like it, sorry I don’t mean you are abnormal, but perhaps you are ‘special’ =P)

Anyway, do you know what the difference between pimples and acne is? Or are they the same? Well, actually I am not sure too. So, let’s ask Mr. Google! =D

What I found out after browsing around are:

  • Pimple is a form of acne. Acne is a much broader category which includes pimple, blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Both are skin conditions which caused by clogged pores. Some also mentioned that pimples are caused by excess oil and dirt whereas acne can be caused by oil, dirt, and bacteria.
  • Both are common in oily skin types as the skin secretes more sebum and is more likely to have deposit of sebum under the skin
  • Both can be triggered by hormones
As a teenager or maybe “young adult”, we often deal with pimples/acne. And unfortunately I am not the exception =( But yeah, at least I am not alone. *evil laugh*
Since I first came to Singapore, I have been trying many products to deal with this ‘enemy’ but seems that my ‘enemy’ is so strong that most of the products failed. But as a girl, I don’t give up to make myself prettier, even only abit. Finally, I decided to buy the POLA Day+Day Acne clean wash and the spot dry (pimple cream) from Metro. 

Pola Day+Day Acne Clean Wash

Product details:
Cream Foam do suppress acne and completely remove excess sebum inside the pores.
Gentle foaming wash that contains medicated and sterilizing ingredients to help eliminate any excess sebum and impurities eliminate any excess sebum and impurities. Deeply cleanses and purifies skin for a smoother, clear complexion.
Price: S$48.95

Spot Dry 

Product details:
Blemish care item, help to absorb excess sebum.
A gentle, medicated treatment assisting the ultra fast elimination of blemished. Removes Keratin to help alleviate blocked pores, future blesmishes and any skin inflammation
Price: S$44.95 
 Pola is a brand which comes from Japan and its products are made in Japan. Currently in Singapore, you can only find the products of this brand in Metro Causewapoint and Sengkang Compass Point. They have different series of products for different kinds of skin and they will advise you when you come to them.
The products may be quite pricey compare to those sold in the NTUC fairprice. But if the products are suitable for our skin, then I think it is still acceptable. Not that I am rich, but I am going to ‘use’ my face until 60, 80, or even 100years depends on how long I can live. Further, for me, the products can be used up to 6months, so it is not that expensive actually. And I bought them during the GSS with 20% discount plus additional 5% since I have the Metro card.

Metro Card

Because of the Pola Day+Day clean wash and spot dry, my skin condition becomes better. Sometime I really can have “clear skin”. Why did I say sometime? Well, because usually when I am having my ‘period’ , this irritating ‘enemy’ (pimples) will visit me. What an uninvited guest *sigh*

For people who have pimples or acne like me, it is really important to find the right product for yourself. And as different people have different skin conditions, it doesn’t mean that the products that are suitable for me will be definitely suitable for me. So, if it happens that you try these products and your skin condition doesn’t turn out better, please don’t say that I am a liar =P But I did recommend these products to my boyfriend as his face is worse than mine. Luckily, these products seem to be working well on his face. He doesn’t have pimples/acne like he used to have, just that there are some scars because of his naughty hands that he used to pop the pimples.

❤ us ❤

Above all these, of course it is also important to keep your face clean. Please do not touch your face with dirty hands. Moreover, don’t forget to drink more water. It is good for your skin and health as well.
Wish you have clearer skin and brighter smile
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