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Majolica Majorca

I just started to learn how to make-up few months ago, so that I’m actually still searching for cosmetics that are suitable for me. Despite the fact that I’m a newbie, I have tried several eyeliners and sometimes I really find it so difficult to apply eyeliner properly and evenly, especially with my right eye smaller than my left one *sigh*

Luckily, few weeks ago, I decided to buy the cream pencil eyeliner by Majolica Majorca after spending around 20minutes in Watson. I bought it at S$14.50. The reason I bought this is simply because it’s the winner of Cosmo Beauty Grand Prix 2012 and it is made in Japan (I have that perception that the cosmetics from Japan are good :P). Other than that, I have no idea about the product.

Cream Pencil Eyeliner

But believe me, it’s really a right decision. As it’s creamy, it is easy to apply which is very important to an amateur like me. Further, it doesn’t smudge and it’s waterproof! It is irritating if our eyeliner smudge easily, isn’t it? Further, waterproof is also important because I often use eyedrop as I am wearing soft lens. Now, I apply it every time when I go out. And it’s affordable even to a student like me. d^^b
I bought it in black that time but I think the current trend is the one in cocoa brown. Many people say that it does soften our look. I think I should try it and you may try it too if you’d like to 🙂


Cream Pencil Eyeliner in Cocoa Brown

Because of this product, I started to like the brand. I searched for the page on Facebook and of course I did click on ‘like’ =D
When I was browsing around, I found out that there was a kind of competition called “Spot of difference 2”. As the 2 lucky winners would get a chance to attend the workshop as part of their winnings, I decided to give a try.


Spot the Difference 2



My answer ❤


Notebook and Complementing Pens for Winner


and guess what? I am one of the lucky winners! OMG.. I’m still can’t believe that I could be this lucky. 😀

Announcement of Winners

I am so excited and I can’t wait to attend the workshop: “Majolica Majorca Chapter 34 – Psychedelicious”. As I am allowed to bring my bff, I have asked Keny, one of my bff who is good at this kind of stuffs to go with me. (and let me tell you a secret: the workshop will be held the night before our exam! Oops.. but we just can’t persuade ourselves to miss out this opportunity! Haha.. No worries, we will study before the workshop =P)

Psychedelicious chapter on CLEO


Press Kit


Btw, I has bought the Lash King too. I will blog about it soon. And hopefully I can get the Brow and Lash colorist (BR555 Maroon Brown) when Im back to Singapore.
Cya =)
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