i-Zen Body Slimmer

Few weeks ago, my sister sent me a message through whatsapp. She told me that my mom saw the i-Zen Body Slimmer advertisement on Channel U and was interested to buy. 

The price: S$88. It is quite affordable I think.

Actually I did see it before and intend to buy, but I was just too lazy to call and order.=P

This time, I decided to check it out on Qoo10 first. Guess what? I found that one seller actually sold it at S$28.90 and it’s free delivery. OMG.. It is so cheap, isn’t it? 

Bought from Qoo10 with Super Cheap Price

It took 4days to be delivered to my house. I received the product in good condition. Further, the seller is kind enough to print out the English manual for me.

The product I received

English Manual


I have tried this product for few days (since I am still at home in Indo). The feeling is good. This product may not help to lose weight but it helps to tone our body. I can feel that my stomach is getting firm. I think the result will be better if we use it with slimming gel or slimming cream. I intend to buy Extra-Strength Bio-essence Inch-loss Body Cream.

The only thing that I don’t like from this product is the noise when using it.

Btw, I have a bad new for you who want to buy this. It is currently out of stock now due to it’s popularity and cheap price =( I have checked with the seller and I was told that it might be re-stocked in 2-3weeks time.

If you can’t wait to try it, you may also want to buy it from other sellers with a little bit higher price. But the good new is it is still less than S$88.

Buy it from Qoo10 with cheaper price


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